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Contact us Today to Start your Bible Lands Journey, Mrs. Leanna Suhoversnik, Toll Free: 1844.485.4060, Seattle, Washington, USA

Bible Seminars

Holy land Bible Seminars has been taking Churches and Ministries from all over the USA on exciting Bible studies, for over 25 years. With over 20,000 people travelled with us to Israel, Turkey, Greece and Egypt, we are one of the most experienced and dedicated organizers of Christian Travel to the Bible Lands and the Holy land.

Our Team in Israel and Turkey, are world class travel professionals, who are office Tour Coordinators, Tour Guides, Bus Drivers, and a team of Academic lecturers.

For the most part, our clients come from the United States, but we have handled groups from Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and England.

Let us be your one-stop shop, for a life changing experience.
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Holyland Bible Seminars   |   US (Toll Free) - 1844.485.4060  |  Israel - 011-972-50-5240809   |   hlseminars@gmail.com
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