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Contact us Today to Start your Bible Lands Journey, Mrs. Leanna Suhoversnik, Toll Free: 1844.485.4060, Seattle, Washington, USA


What makes HBS different than most "tour companies"?
HBS is one of only few companies in the USA that actually employ Israeli and Turk staff, who reside in Istanbul and Tel-Aviv. Most USA companies are really "agents" or "reps", of destinations they have never been to or don't really know well, as they offer tour packages to an endless number of destinations. HBS specializes only in Biblical Seminars conducted only in Israel and in Turkey.
We work daily, for over 24 years, with Murat Bitran (Brezo Tours) in Istanbul, and with Rani Levy (Holyland Bible Seminars Head Office) in Tel-Aviv, with an office in Fort Worth Texas, to take your call.
What is the main "edge", for travel with HBS?
What makes traveling with HBS a guaranteed success is our uncompromising effort to deliver an excellent Tour and a high quality Bible Seminar experience. We do this by:
  * Handpicked Tour Guides, who have vast Biblical and Archaeological knowledge.
  * Close personal acquaintances in all the hotels we work with, and hotel management.
  * Top Professional, English Speaking Bus Drivers, who are accustomed to American Christian folks.
  * Regularly inspected Restaurants and Restrooms where we make stops along the day.
What is the best time to lead a Bible Seminar?
In general, both Israel and Turkey offer a comfortable weather regime year round. However, lower temperatures (40-55F) and good chances for rain, may be a higher "risk" factor from mid November to about the end of February. Our recommendations, are:
For Travels to both Turkey AND Israel, pick February to November, for best weather.
For travel to Israel only, pick November to February, only if you assume that your group will be more "cost sensitive", and then we can offer lower prices on Airfare and Hotels. ( See our 8 Day tour).
Otherwise, we are offering two great destinations which offer great weather. (JUL/AUG, maybe a bit too hot).
What makes our program as "Seminar" and not a "tour"?
At HBS we are a "Scripture and Study" oriented outfit. We believe people are looking for more content, more biblical emphasis, and less of the "On the Bus, Off the Bus" experience. Several times during our journey, we shall start the day with a morning Bible Study, reflecting about the scriptural references of the places we will actually be going to see, later in the day. 
Can I really travel for free on a Pre-Tour Inspection trip?
Yes! Because of the way we do business, we do not ask you to sign contracts or make any comittments about the number of people you will actually bring. On a "good will basis", we offer serious Pastors and leaders to actually travel to Israel for FREE, once they book their tour in advance. (Minimum 80 people). We want to develop a long term relationship with you and your Ministry, and we want you to be able to say that you have met your tour guides, and that you have been to all the places your group will go to. We also offer you to bring your wife, or co-pastor along with you, at a subsidized cost.
(Cost for Pre-Tour Inspection:  (Cost for Pre-Tour Inspection:  Israel: FREE!  Turkey and Israel, $1500 only!  Spouse or Co-Pastor: Israel only $1,500, Turkey and Israel, $2,000 only!) 
Preparations and Materials Before Travel.
Being one of the most experienced travel house in the industry, we know that a well planned journey makes for a successful trip. All Bible Seminars Tour hosts will receive a comprehensive list of how to pack, how to dress, Insurance issues, emergency procedures and contact numbers - and how to prepare for the trip. Additionally, we provide hats, maps and notepads and nametags, to all our participants upon arrival in their destination.
Holyland Bible Seminars   |   US (Toll Free) - 1844.485.4060  |  Israel - 011-972-50-5240809   |   hlseminars@gmail.com
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