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Guided tour for Churches and Ministries

Although you’re always going to be close to Jesus, and close to your God, you’ll never be closer than walking in Jesus’ footsteps as you travel through the Holy Land, a pack on your back and the air Jesus breathed in your lungs. Travel to Israel is an absolute must for all members of the Abrahamic faiths who take their religion seriously, and there’s no better way to experience all that Israel has to offer than following a guided tour for churches and ministries.

Guided Tours
As a top global tourist destination, Israel is home to many tourist companies. The guided tour in the footsteps of Jesus is just one of the many exciting adventures on offer. For over a quarter of a century, Holy Land Bible Seminars has been catering specifically to American tour groups looking to strengthen their bond with their religious history. They offer not only a guided tour for churches and ministries, but also local expertise as to where to eat, stay, and truly get the most out of your visit to Israel. You can even follow a guided tour in the footsteps of St. Paul, or a guided tour in the footsteps of Jesus.

Of course, anyone with a strong background in the history of Christianity will know the story of St. Paul. No guided tour for churches and ministries would be complete without a St. Paul component. A guided tour in the footsteps of St. Paul, who carried the Good Word of Jesus Christ throughout the Roman Empire, involves staying at well-appointed accommodations and eating the finest in Israeli cuisine.

Enjoying the Holy Land
A typical guided tour for churches and ministries will begin at Ben Gurion airport, where you’ll be greeted by friendly staff and taken to Tiberias. From Tiberias, your church group and ministry will visit the Mount of Beatitudes and ride on the Sea of Galilee. You’ll next visit the holy city of Jerusalem, as well as Jericho, Jordan, and Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden by persecuted believers looking to preserve their cultural knowledge. 
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